Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about the Gynae and Obs. Department

What is the major difference between a gynaecologist and an obstetrician?

Gynaecologists are specialists in treating the problems associated with the female reproductive system which includes ovaries, cervix, vagina, womb and tubes. There are other sub categories or inner disciplines alongside gynae, including urogynaecology (dealing with bladder), gynae-oncology (diagnosis and treatment of cancer occurring in these parts), colposcopy , contraception and menopause.

Obstetricians specialize in maternity care and the problems related to it such as childbirth, abnormal deliveries and pregnancy complications. They are associated with this field right from planning and conception to normal delivery. However, both the gynaecs and obstetricians share a common aspect, which is taking care of miscarriages and handling the situation further.

How do I know whether I am consulting the right doctor for my problem?

All the medical practitioners in our department are fully trained and experienced. We are well versed with each doctor’s credentials and the treatment you receive would be fully authorized.

Is it necessary to consult the doctor in avoidable matters during pregnancy?

Yes, it is quite necessary to consult the doctor for each and every aspect in pregnancy, which is ultimately going to benefit the health of your child. Whether you catch a cold or you tiny cramps, it is necessary that you visit your doctor for the right medication. We have even had patients who requested to permit hair coloring during pregnancy, which was avidly sorted out by their respective doctors.

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